Ear reconstruction

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Ear reconstruction

A congenital disorder (present at birth) or a trauma or cancer surgery can cause an ear to become misshapen or missing, requiring ear reconstruction. Reconstruction of the ear can be performed in several ways. In these cases, the patient's cartilage may be used (autologous), an implant, or a prosthetic implant.

Types of Ear Reconstruction Surgery:

Microtia Repair

Microtia means the ear is very small, malformed, or absent and caused by a congenital condition. Genetic abnormalities may cause some ear deformities, also associated with other congenital disorders.


In otoplasty, the outer, visible parts of the ear are surgically altered. An ear pinning, for example, can surgically angle the ears closer to the head to reduce their prominence.

Ear Defect Repair

Plastic surgery can be necessary to restore the form and function of the outer ear after trauma or cancer surgery.

What can ear surgery treat?

  • Macrotia - overly large ears
  • Ears that protrude from one or both sides in varying degrees without causing hearing loss

Who is a good candidate for ear surgery?

  • Healthy, without chronic ear infections or life-threatening illnesses
  • A healthy individual without an illness or condition
  • Non-smokers

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