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Burns caused by prolonged exposure to fire can have a severity that may range from mild to extreme and even it can be fatal. The good news is that with the help of reconstructive surgery, there can be an effective treatment for burns and acid attacks. The victims of fire burns and accident deformities can now build the functionalities of the damaged or the destructed part with the help of reconstructive surgery.

The procedure for the surgery involves grating tissues, skin, and bones from another part of the body to correct the deformed or the damaged area. Skin grafting surgery remains the most basic and common form of burn deformity repair surgery. The Plastic Surgeon in the emergency room will first start the treatment by clearing the wound. Cleansing the wound properly is very important as debris or external objects like the ash or dirt can cause infection and healing can become difficult.

The most commonly used method for the treatment of burn is skin grafting and in this treatment, the Plastic Surgeon lays sheets of fresh skin over the burnt area. As it heals, the skin will meld with the body and it will become a part of the body, after leaving a network of white and pink scarred flesh. If the burns are extremely severe, the Plastic Surgeon may reopen the wounds by a little amount every day so that the muscles below can heal, and though it is painful, it is essential to get recovery.

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