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In rhinoplasty, the nose is made to look more refined & aesthetically pleasing by altering the nasal cartilages, nasal bone, and nasal bones. The procedure involves altering the size or shape of the nose. Rhinoplasty can be performed to change the nose's appearance, improve breathing, or both.

Rhinoplasty can include the following types:

  • Removing a hump on the nose
  • Straightening the bridge of the nose
  • Reshaping the tip of the nose
  • Making the nostrils larger or smaller
  • Correcting an injury to the nose
  • Opening the nasal passages
  • Making the nose smaller or larger

In some cases, nose jobs are done for medical reasons or to change how you look. For example, one nostril may need to be separated from the other if damage has occurred to the cartilage. The nose might need to be reshaped or made smaller in other cases.

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